A Fairtrade town is a town, city, village, county, zone, island or borough that has made a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using products with the Fairtrade Mark. Any area can work towards Fairtrade status and everyone can be involved.

By choosing to support Fairtrade, Sudbury can add its voice to demands for a trade system that puts people, not profit, at the heart of the transaction. We believe that our voices are louder when we speak together.

We are very proud to have achieved Fairtrade status in the spring of 2013 with the support of the local Town Council and other community organisations.

More and more retail and catering outlets are selling and serving Fairtrade products: these organisations are listed on our Directory page.

Also more Sudbury businesses and organisations support Fairtrade by using Fairtrade products for their staff.

The Sudbury Fairtrade Group

Chair: Rev’d John Boardman

“April 3rd 2013 was a special day in Sudbury’s history. After several years of campaigning by the hard-working local group, Sudbury became a Fairtrade Town. Now we are trying to persuade more businesses, cafes, schools, and churches to support Fairtrade. It is great to have the support of Sudbury Town Council and to see the Fairtrade Town sign on the town welcome boards. We are doing our bit to make the world a fairer and better place. We would welcome your help.”

Secretary: Ann Boardman

“I am a supporter of Fairtrade because everybody is created equal in the sight of God and should be treated fairly. John and I were part of the group which helped Pickering in North Yorkshire become a Fairtrade Town. We are so pleased that Sudbury is now a Fairtrade Town too.”

Treasurer: Peter Heard

“I grew up in our family village store and post office and then worked in it until it was sold when I was 30. This has given me experience in buying and selling, making me aware of the need to be fair in profit for the merchandising chain, from producer to retailer. Having had friends working in Africa and similar countries, I have been aware of the need for fair prices in those producer nations. I therefore endeavour to purchase Fairtrade goods when practical.”

Representative to Sudbury Town Council:  Peter Gray.

“For many years I volunteered and campaigned with the World Development Movement and passionately believe in the values of the Fairtrade movement.”

Committee Member: Anne-Marie Kazimirski

“I am a retired business executive and became an enthusiastic support of Fairtrade years ago through volunteering with Oxfam.

A doting grandmother of two lovely boys, I am convinced that Fairtrade has a crucial role to play in helping mothers around the world have more economic independence and help their children to gain an education and a better life.”

Committee Member: Janet Stenner

“I became a committed fairtrade supporter at the very first Fairtrade meeting in Nottingham after my husband and I had visited Kenya and we spent some time with a local farmer who had grown coffee beans. Unfortunately when asked if I would like a drink he commented he couldn’t give me coffee as he hadn’t got the money to have any of his own crop. He had to sell it all to one of the big multi nationals!!”

Committee Member: Margaret Tracey

“My active involvement with Fairtrade began in 2003 when I ran a stall of goods in the local church. This was well supported and helped to raise awareness of the value in buying these products, which ensured that the profits were actually reaching the cultivators, rather than being creamed off by corrupt systems. Churches Together in Sudbury now runs a regular stall at Kettle and Fish in St. Peters Church in Sudbury on most Thursdays”.

Committee Member: Malcolm Offord

“As Chairman of Churches Together in Sudbury & District and a committed member of Sudbury’s Fairtrade Group, I encourage our local churches not only to serve Fairtrade goods but also to apply for a Fairtrade certificate. Before my wife and I retired from chairing a caf√© run by Churches Together in the town, we ensured that Fairtrade goods were used as much as possible. I also run a bed & breakfast which has been awarded the Fairtrade Pledge certificate.”