19 Dec

John talks at Churches Together Forum

Revd John Boardman spoke about “The Fairtrade foundation and meeting the suppliers in Sri Lanka” at the Open Forum of Churches Together in Sudbury & District, in December 2017. His talk was illustrated with numerous photos.

Ann and John travelled to Sri Lanka with Traidcraft visiting the people who supply some of the goods found in the Traidcraft catalogue, a ‘holiday with a difference’.  They went in Jan-Feb 2016.  Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist with a small Christian minority.  The trip included an elephant safari and an opportunity to see some of the conservation projects.

The main business of the trip involved meeting suppliers of fair trade goods including a cotton factory at Selyn.  The cotton is grown in India and comes to Sri Lanka raw.  It is then dyed, spun and woven.  The dying process is hot work, but all of the effluent from the process is reused, making it more environmentally friendly.  Once the fabric is produced it is made up into different items which are marketed worldwide.

John and Ann also visited a spice factory and tasted the wares!  They visited one of the fair trade tea estates at Thotulegala and were taught how to pick tea.  It takes 45kg of tea leaves to make 1kg of dried tea.  They met fair trade representatives who spoke positively about their working relationship with the company.

John and Ann visited ‘Gospel House’ where fair trade toys are made and saw many of the toys that are sold by Traidcraft, again they met many of the reps who spoke of the benefits of being a fair trade worker.

Coconuts are used in many different ways in Sri Lanka and fair trade coconut milk and coir compost are both available.

When we buy fair trade there is a small amount of premium which is given to the local fair trade representatives to use to enrich the community, providing healthcare, education or leisure facilities.

Sudbury has a fair trade group (of which John is chairman) and they have a guide to the town showing where fair trade goods can be brought.  There are concerns however about Sainsbury’s suppliers as their tea no longer bears the fair trade mark.  John has a letter for the manager of Sudbury Sainsbury’s raising these concerns.  A number of other companies are also marketing their own ‘fairly traded’ products, but these don’t provide the same amount of premium or choice for the workers.

John also spoke about concerns of how Brexit might affect fair trade laws and conditions.  He encouraged people to lobby and ask questions regarding the renegotiation of trade agreements and linked this with the Advent message of justice given by John the Baptist.

04 Apr

Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

What a great time Sudbury had this year.

Tudor Primary school had a wonderful Fairtrade afternoon “breakfast” on Friday 11th March. Fairtrade banana muffins were baked by the children. The school Fairtrade committee helped to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee refreshments to mums, dads, brothers and sisters after school.

On Saturday,12th March, Patrick Kaberia Muthaura, a tea farmer from Kenya came to Sudbury. The hall at St John’s Methodist Church had over 50 people present.

Patrick explained how Fairtrade helps the community. He was a wonderful communicator and so enthusiastic about Fairtrade. His message was “Buy more Fairtrade”!

17 Nov

Felixstowe AGM 6.11.15.

Two members of the Sudbury Fairtrade group attended the AGM at Felixstowe.

Also there was Rachael Sweet from the Fairtrade Foundation. She explained about the Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 visit of a tea farmer from Kenya. Hopefully he will visit Sudbury.

Rachel talked about the focus of next year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, the BIG Fairtrade breakfast.

It was good to meet other Fairtrade folk from across Suffolk:  Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich. Perhaps we could have a Suffolk Fairtrade website?

31 Mar

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 – Photo Gallery


Photo 1 – A new Fairtrade certificate to celebrate the new kitchen facilities which have been inaugurated this month at St Gregory’s Church. A great variety of Fairtrade products continue to be on offer: coffee,tea, chocolate etc…


Photo 2 – A great display “Fairtrade round the world” created by the children at the Library Craft Children Workshop.


Photo 3 – The Fairtrade Fortnight Display in good position in the Library

28 Feb

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 – 23rd February to 8th March

23rd Feb – John Boardman spoke about Fairtrade to the members of Top Time at the Sudbury Library

A Fortnight Fairtrade Display has been installed in a prominent place in the Library for the duration.

1st and 8th March: the Sunday Morning Craft Session for children is organised with the theme of Fairtrade Tea/Chocolate/Sugar.

The new Sudbury FT Town directory is under way with the participation of all Sudbury FT members.

7th  March: Sudbury on Show. a Fairtrade stand will be on show in St Peter’s .

Tudor Primary School are having a poster competition.

5th March : Tudor Primary School are having a Fairtrade Cafe for parents and visitors

Thanks to all for their efforts to make Sudbury Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 a success!!!